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Kromschroder Ceramic tube set TSC 140B085-300/35-Si-1500 (74916387)

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Ceramic tube set for BIC and BICA burners
Made of silicon carbide, with seal
Burner size 140
Tapered shape
Outlet diameter: 085 mm
Length: 300 mm
Distance from furnace flange to front edge of burner baffle plate: 35 mm
With silicon-infiltrated SiC
Up to 1500°C (melting point of silicon: 1380°C)

Replacing a Ceramic tube set TSC 140B085-300/35-Si-1500 is a good solution to make your equipment work again. We offer a wide range of Kromschroder spare parts for burners, gas trains etc. We supply original Elster (Kromschröder) products.

If you have any queries about Kromschroder burner parts or any other Kromschroder spare parts, please write us at 559@krom.lt, quoting the item code 74916387.

  • Length, mm 300
  • Weight, kg 2,625