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Kromschroder BCU 570WC0F1U0K2-E, burner control unit (88660001)

SKU: 88660001
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Kromschroder burner control unit
Housing for control cabinet installation, for controlling, igniting and monitoring modulating forced draught burners. For continuous operation with ionization control or UV control using Kromschroder UV sensor UVD. Intermittent operation with UV sensor UVS. Display of the program status, unit parameters and flame signal. Manual operating mode. Diagnosis and adjustment of unit parameters via optical interface using PC software BCSoft.
Series 570
EU certified, certified for systems up to SIL 3 (compliant with PL e)
Mains voltage: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
No valve proving system
Modulating capacity control with interface for actuator IC
Flammen?berwachung mit Ionisations- oder UV-Signal
Spring force connection terminals
Individual packaging
Flame control: ionization
01 Burner switch-off threshold: 2 micro A
07 Burner start-up attempts: 1
09 Restart: no
13 Low pressure cut-off with fault lock-out
15 Air deficiency cut-out with fault lock-out
19 Safety time during operation: 1 s
30 Fan run-up time tGV: 0 s
32 Air flow monitoring during controlled air flow on, maximum capacity
33 Start-up with pre-purge: yes (depending on P34 Pre-purge time tPV)
34 Pre-purge time tPV: 36 s
35 Air flow monitoring during pre-purge with fault lock-out
37 Post-purge time tPN: 0 s
43 Over-run up to min. capacity: off
61 Minimum burner on time tB: 0 s
62 Minimum pause time tBP: 0 s
63 Switch-on delay time tE: 0 s
67 Operating time in Manual mode limited to 5 min.
77 User-defined password
78 Burner application: burner
80 Fieldbus communication: with address check
93 Pre-ignition time tVZ: 0 s
94 1st safety time on start-up: 3 s
95 Flame proving period 1 tFS1: 0 s

Replacing a BCU 570WC0F1U0K2-E, 88660001 burner control unit is a good solution to make your equipment work again. We offer a wide range of Kromschroder spare parts for burners, gas trains etc. We supply original Elster (Kromschröder) products.

If you have any queries about Kromschroder burner control or any other Kromschroder spare parts, please write us at 624burner@gmail.com, quoting the item code 88660001.

  • Voltage 230 V AC
  • Weight, kg 0,93
  • Commodity code 90268020
  • Country of origin DE